Skype Psych is a convenient way to speak to an experienced, professional therapist, via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom video calls, so you can make sense of your world, wherever in the world you are.

Having therapy via video call means you can access all the benefits of an appointment with Chartered Psychologist, Dr Ailis Murphy, at a location and time that suits you and your lifestyle. 

the benefits of online therapy

It’s easy to think that having therapy through a screen, rather than in person, could act as a barrier to forming the strong relationship needed between a therapist and their clients.

However, I have found there to be two big plus points that are unique to online therapy:

Confidentiality: A great thing about having Skype Psych online therapy is that you can have your therapy session in an environment that is familiar and comfortable to you, without having to go to a therapist's office. Over the years I've been in practice, I’ve had well known and professional clients find it very stressful coming in and out of my office building, in case they are recognised by someone. Online therapy removes this stress, allowing for a more relaxed and beneficial therapeutic experience.

It can help people open up: I have found that people who have therapy online ultimately feel safe with their therapist, as they feel more anonymous.  For instance, think of a person who has endured sexual abuse or been involved in a domestic violence situation. They often feel more able to reveal these secrets because they feel a strong sense of anonymity, having a relationship with an online therapist. This makes clients quicker to get to the heart of their matter, resulting in faster healing.

Of course, Skype Psych sessions are always discrete and completely confidential.

I often work away and found it really hard to make time to see my therapist in person. Skype Psych online therapy has changed that. I can chat to Ailis on FaceTime when I’m away with work or when I’m just in the house on a Sunday. Having therapy is easier than ever.
— Liz, Public Affairs Manager, North West England

Is online therapy right for me?

Online therapy may be a good fit for you if you:

  • have children and want something that you can fit in at home between school runs;
  •  work away frequently, making it hard to keep up regular therapy sessions;
  • have physical and/or psychological challenges that may affect your ability to travel to a therapy session in person;
  • live in a location that makes it difficult to meet with a therapist in person;
  •  live abroad and want to talk to an English-speaking therapist; and/or
  • would prefer to have therapy at home or in a familiar location.
I have my own business and have three children, so time to myself is limited. I was delighted when I found Ailis and Skype Psych - the service is very flexible, easy to use and so convenient. It’s no different quality-wise to therapy in a psychologist’s office; I’ll never look back. We talk on Skype once a week when the kids are out and I’ve got a bit of downtime. It’s great.
— Charlie, Director of Business Development, Wales