Frequently Asked Questions 


How long will I wait for a Skype pysch appointment?

I can usually offer you a Skype Psych session within a week or so. If I can’t do that, I can refer you on to another psychotherapist. I don’t like to keep a waiting list - when you need some additional help and have taken the time and courage to get in touch, the time is right for you to begin.

How long do PsychSkype appointments last?

Your appointment will last one hour.

Will my session be confidential?

Skype Psych sessions are provided in the strictest of confidence. I provide a discrete, convenient online place for you to talk openly.

How can I benefit from psychotherapy?

The therapeutic process involved in psychotherapy is unique. It helps identify any problems or concerns you have and understand how they affect your life. Many of my clients not only resolve any immediate concerns they may have, but also learn useful, life-enhancing skills for dealing with future challenges and improving psychological health and wellbeing. Psychotherapy offers a supportive relationship in times of crisis. I can provide a range of approaches to help you change unhelpful feelings, thinking patterns or behaviours, develop a different outlook on life and lead a healthier lifestyle. Learn more about how I can help.

How do I know if online therapy is right for me? 

Before we arrange your first Skype Psych session, I’ll ask you for some details about what you want to achieve and how you’re feeling at the moment.

I’m trained in assessment and ‘signposting’, which is the term used in the NHS for re-directing someone to the best therapy or assessment for them, either medically or psychologically. Your first session will be an assessment. If I don’t feel online therapy is right for you, I’ll be honest and let you know. It may be that I will refer you to someone or something more suitable to meet your needs. Read more about the benefits of having therapy online.

What will happen at my first PsychSkype session?

Your initial Skype Psych appointment will be an ‘assessment’ session. You’ll meet me face to face via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom and discuss your requirements in detail. I’ll gain a detailed history to help me understand you better. We’ll then decide which is the best approach and direction for you to take.

how do I set up skype, facetime or zoom?

It's really easy to have online therapy via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom. Find out how to set up your therapy session here.

What happens if I try PsychSkype and it’s not for me?

If you try Skype Psych and decide you don’t want to continue with your online therapy sessions, simply contact me and let me know. There will be no charges or obligations to continue.

What happens if I need to cancel my appointment?

Please see my cancellation policy.